About us

Redefining Assistance For Unparalleled Growth

UNI Connect is an innovative way to manage business services like appointment scheduling and lead generation. We offer a professional 24/7 virtual reception and assistance that’s reliable, flexible and scalable.

Our Mission & vision


UNI Connect believes in holistic growth, not just in terms of numbers, but passion and intelligence too. We want to channelise the power of humans to add a personal touch to brand building, bringing you closer to your customers. Our mission is to help businesses unlock their true potential by simplifying non-core operations. Through UNI Connect, you can focus on what really matters – scaling up your business.


We envision a world where business owners can lead with revolutionary zeal, without having to depend on anyone for client management.

Our Story

Burning resources on tiresome administrative tasks can snatch your attention away from the more significant ones. So, instead of signing contracts and winning deals, you’re, well, still struggling with the backend.
Meet UNI Connect. Your one-stop destination for quality business process outsourcing. The philosophy behind UNI Connect stems from the dire need to help businesses expand their capacity and hit operations out of the park.
As business owners ourselves, we understand the problems that come with scaling up. Our solution to this is optimal resource utilisation.
With UNI Connect, we want to assist small and medium scale enterprises strategically and profitably. Our 24/7 virtual reception is the first step towards that.
Yes, we know that even outsourcing can be challenging sometimes. And that’s why we’re here with BPO 2.0. Just imagine paying only for the minutes of talk-time you use. Makes things a lot more worth it, right?
No in-house infrastructure or endless cubicles, and more room for unhindered growth. That’s what we’re offering with UNI Connect.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the revolution.

Why us?

Available, day or night

As a business, you need to be accessible to your clients even during the oddest of hours. This is why we provide you with 24/7 service. Provide the best customer service with UNI Connect; all day, every day.

We don’t take up cubicle space

You don’t need to allot any cubicle space to any of our representatives.Not only does this prevent crammed offices, but it also gives you more space to carry out operations seamlessly.

Zero off days

Don’t worry about missing important calls on public holidays or weekends; we’ll take care of them all. Every entrepreneur needs a break, right?

Consistent services

When you hire just one person for all your calls, you become too dependent on them. And if they leave or fall sick, you’re suddenly left without a replacement. We understand your problems, which is why we guarantee professional and consistent support.

No payment for idle time

If you’re thinking about those expensive long breaks that your call reps take, then we’re here to ease your worries. At UNI Connect, we want to give you value for money. So, you only need to pay for minutes of talk-time.

Limitless bandwidth

During rush hours, many calls get put on hold. Or even worse…they go unanswered. We account for these peak hours, and plan our resources accordingly. This way, all of your business calls get answered and upscaling becomes a piece of cake.

What makes it cost effective

House Receptionist Uniconnect
Fixed working hours and days 24*7 availability
Fixed Cubical Required taking extra space No cubical required, saves more space for operations
Fixed Yearly offs No offs 365 days of operations
Dependibilty on an Individual to perform tasks 0% dependability, Professional support with consistency so you can focus more on the core work
Paying for the ideal time Pay only for what is consumed to enhance your client base and sales
Call drops possible in peak working hours resulting into loss of potential customer and sales All calls answered to ensure no opportunity is missed (best for upscaling businesses)