Live Call Answering

There’s An Opportunity In Every Ring.

Business growth stems from reliability. Your real-time presence for your callers can do wonders in building trust.

Answer Your Customers.
Answer Success.

Engaging your customers in attractive campaigns is a later stage. Focus on strengthening your presence when they reach out and achieve a win-win.

Gain The Upper Hand With A Live Call Answering Service

Stay Connected, Always

Being reachable is the first thing any customer expects from a business. A Live Call Answering service brings your business just a call away from them.

Script Your Way Up

With predefined greetings and scripts for different types of callers, you know your customers are in reliable and professional hands.

Schedule Appointments Botlessly

Have real humans pick up appointment booking calls, plan out your calendars and notify the customers for maximum organisation.

Capture Lead-ing Opportunities

Capture leads, jot down their complete details and segregate them into respective databases, all personally and efficiently.

Plan Your Telephonic Routes

Using bots to forward and route your calls is dropping the ball. A Live Call Answering Service helps you make the right decisions when redirecting conversations.

Transparency Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

Access details related to your calls, chats, appointments, etc., from anywhere, at any time.

Focus On Your Customers. We’ll Focus On You.

Find the right services for your business and leave the rest to us.

A live call answering service accepts calls and messages on your business entity’s behalf in real-time. Hence, even if you are personally unavailable, your business remains awake.
It is always important to connect today rather than tomorrow. You never know when you might miss a call from a potential or an existing patron due to workload.
A call answering service is a smarter, faster and cost-effective solution.
UNI Connect accepts calls on a 24/7 basis, which are recorded and important messages relayed to the concerned department or member in your company.
UNI Connect takes live call answering services a notch above. You decide what goes into our answering scripts, and our virtual receptionists bring them to life professionally.
Additionally, you can choose from a wide variety of pricing plans to suit your requirements. With UNI Connect, you get transparency, quality and spontaneity at best.
Yes. Whether it’s greeting a potential customer or your business partner, the script and call, both are yours. Let us know the basic way to go, and we’ll do everything by your book.
Before starting off, we will sit down with you to understand your business essentials, offerings, objectives and even brand voice.
Moreover, we’ll stay in touch to get updates on your products/services and policies for providing correct answers to your customers.