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Help your business reach its full potential with a strong online presence that enhances your credibility.

Web Development Solutions

Discover how you can failproof your business.

Website Development

Create a solid impression on your customers with a one-stop online destination that advertises your offerings. We provide tailor-cut web development solutions to enhance your end-user experience.

App development

We help you build a feature-rich and scalable app that everyone loves using. Stay ahead of the curve with a customised and user-friendly technology.

UI/UX design

Find the right aesthetic for your business and engage your customers with eye-catching visuals. We offer intuitive UI/UX design that suits your brand personality and identity.


Protect your business from cyberattacks, phishing emails, and forgery. Rest assured that your business is in safe hands and miles away from web attacks.

API Development

Empower your business with innovative API designs. We create high-performance and customised APIs based on extensive research and analysis to streamline your business.

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Because we go beyond just writing codes.

Competitive Cost

Get a bang for your buck with UNI Connect.


Steal the spotlight from your rivals and rank first on SERP.

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Load your website in the blink of an eye.


Stay protected with high-end encryption.

Dedicated Team

High business acumen and expertise always at your service


Before going live, we run rounds of tests to ensure reliable results.

Let’s Take On The World.

Migrating to the online world can be overwhelming. Don’t get tangled up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Establishing a strong online presence creates a level of trust in customers’ minds. A good digital footprint can help build your credibility and generate more leads.
In simplest terms, web designing is being creative and adding an aesthetic element to your website. Its job is to make your website more appealing to the customer.
On the other hand, web development is using designs to develop and maintain a fully functional website.
A domain name is a unique address that lets you easily connect to the computer’s IP address.
You need to find a domain registrar and search for your domain name. You can finalise it with a suffix like .com or .net. You can also purchase the domain name and protect it with ID protection.
There is a high chance your website will end up lost in the crowd and go unnoticed. This is where SEO comes in. With the right strategy and targeted keywords, you can appear at the top of the search results and increase your visibility.