Intelligent Back Office

Intelligent Back Office Solutions

Increase your productivity up to 2X with our cost-efficient intelligent back office.

Automation At Your Fingertips

Carry out monotonous tasks with
state-of-the-art technology.

Credit Underwriting

Automate the credit underwriting process with our digital workforce. With Uniconnect, you can minimise risks and maximise returns.

Billing And Invoice System

Remember the payments; forget the hassle. Streamline your billing and invoice system with fool-proof data protection methods.

Manage Claims

Get the best claims processing and management service with Uniconnect. We help you overcome the challenges associated with the claims process and reduce cancellations and returns on products.

Revenue Cycle Management

Build a clear pathway from the start till the end. Decrease administrative burden with smarter revenue cycle management and automate every step, so that you can save time and valuable resources.

Make It Personal

Automation does not mean losing human touch. Our human-centric approach means we remain committed to providing the best possible experience to our clients.

Your Answer To Success

We help you choose the best pathway to achieve your desired result. Cut down on resources and costs and ensure nothing ever goes to waste; because a smarter back office means enhanced business productivity.

Why Choose Us?

Data-Driven Analysis

Numbers are the key. Unlock your business’ full potential with data-driven analysis.

Innovative Solutions

We give you cutting-edge technology to help you gain a competitive edge. Your future starts now.

Agile Operations

Cut down drastically on time and improve productivity multifold.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide every customer with the best possible service.

2X Growth

Increase output by as much as 2X. Grow your graph exponentially.

Encrypted Data Security

Secure your data with advanced encryption techniques and keep intruders away.

Because Back Offices Shouldn’t Hold You Back.

Blur out bureaucracy and modernise your core operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

An intelligent back office is an AI-powered solution to your everyday back-office needs. It has transformed the way companies work by providing data-centric insight, while also cutting down on cost and resources.
Adopting an intelligent back office is an essential investment if you want to upscale your business. Our ultra-modern service ensures that your business is running at maximum efficiency.
An intelligent back office provides you with tools to automate key, behind-the-scenes processes in your business. This way, your employees can focus on core business tasks.
Pretty simple. If your business operations include mundane tasks like record maintenance, accounting, compliance, claims management, etc., then you might want to consider switching to an intelligent back office. Talk to an expert to know more.